Welcome to the AIT Academic Affairs

The academic operations of the institute and all educational matters are directly under the Vice President of Academic Affairs. As the Chief Academic Officer, the Vice President of Academic Affairs :

  • Coordinate various academic activities of Schools, academic support and outreach units and enhance uniformity of academic practices pertaining to student admission and registry, and faculty/staff teaching, research, and outreach.
  • Develop and implement an objective faculty performance assessment system for individual professional improvement, employment, promotion, contract renewal, and merit raise/bonus.
  • Oversee the process of faculty recruitment.
  • Formulate and implement recruitment and enrollment management systems to ensure the quality of incoming students and the robustness of the tuition revenue stream.
  • Develop and implement a strategy for the continuous enhancement of quality of teaching and learning.  Develop and implement associated policies and procedures for the assurance of the quality and standards of AIT academic programs.
  • Develop a system for quality assurance of academic programs that addresses fundamental academic rigor, relevance to current and future needs of the region, and financial viability.
  • Catalyze development of new technologies for learning and coordinate maintenance and improvement of the quality of academic facilities and equipment.
  • Promote and facilitate continuous pedagogical development in the schools.
  • Continuously monitor and evaluate effectiveness of policies and procedures in the above areas, with the objective of continuous improvement in pursuit of the institute’s strategic direction.